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The structure of linen chutes

бельепровод общий вид As mentioned above, Russian hotel businesses choose freight elevators for linen transportation, instead of a more convenient linen chute. This is due to the fact that investors usually try to minimize construction costs in the planning stage. Another reason is the lack of necessary regulatory framework for linen chute installation. Investors try to complete the block/house on time with minimal costs, while the operational features are experienced by the owner of the newly-built project. In this case, considering the economic aspect of linen chute construction, it is quite justified from operational point of view – capital investments are paid back easily. When speaking about hotels, it is more feasible to think about linen chute installation beforehand, in the stage of building construction. All regulatory documents related to the construction of public buildings have references to linen chutes; although, there are no specific requirements mentioned. For example, sanitary rules for hotels in Moscow imply the necessity of a four square meter area for linen sorting. Moreover, fire safety rules indicate the need for availability of refuse chute and linen chute intake valves. Those valves should be tightly closed.