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The main elements of linen chutes

Key elements of linen chutes include:

(1) laundry container, which is located in the laundry reception chamber and is intended for the collection and subsequent sorting of soiled laundry;

(2) fire shutter, which works automatically and is located in the middle of the laundry container and the linen chute trunk: when fire occurs, the shutter closes the trunk of the linen chute thereby preventing the spread of fire;

(3) chute support with an offset is another element of linen chute and carries the load of the linen chute trunk.

(4) Laundry is transported directly through the linen chute trunk.

(5) Intake valves are installed on each floor.

(6) Ventilation of the chute trunk is carried out by a ventilationdeflector.Refuse chutes have another important structural element:

(7) sprinkler. Depending on customers’ requirements, standard linen chutes can also be equipped with additional elements. Oftentimes, cleaning and disinfection, automation devices are provided. We can say that linen chutes are much like the same as refuse chutes.

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