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Structural features of foreign linen chutes

What type of linen chutes are provided by foreign producers? Western manufacturers do not save on quality materials;chute trunks and intake valves are made of stainless steel; galvanized or clad steel is also used. Its thickness ranges from 1.2 to 3 mm. Linen chute trunk has two-hour refractoriness. As a rule, the lower part of the linen chute is equipped with a fire shutter of one-two hour fire resistance. This helps to prevent and localize fire in the lower sections of the linen chute.

What is the working principle of a fire shutter? It has a thermal lock, which is triggered when chamber temperature reaches 70–75 ° С. A mandatory element of a western-type linen chute trunk is the sprinkler head. The customer can count on installation of additional fire safety and disinfection devices. Oftentimes, the door of the intake valve is made with a hermetic compressor. Corners of the door are safe, as they are rounded. They also have smooth door closing mechanisms of hydraulic or hydropneumatic type.

Early at the design stage some manufacturers complement the linen chutes with a noise insulation system, smoke and temperature sensors, door locks, intake valve control pedals and many other functional devices. If linen chutes have electronic locks, then maintenance would require additional prophylactic inspection. The inner part of the trunk needs to be disinfected from time to time.

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