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Structural differences between refuse chutes and linen chutes

As a rule, refuse chute differs from linen chute by the diameter of the trunk. For linen chutes, it is significantly larger. In the capital, trunks of 760 cm diameter are oftentimes installed. Foreign producers design linen chutes with a trunk diameter ranging between 450 – 1200 mm, and the average pipe size ranges from 600 to 800 mm. For example, a typical refuse chute in a high-rise building has a diameter of 400 mm.Building designers should take into account that with large diameter linen chutes, inter-floor stress increases. In addition, linen chutes are installed in conditions of confined space and it is also required to simultaneously calculate the rigidity of the expected construction. Supporting frames and clamp rings are in charge of intense strengthening of the linen chute and are used in all floors of the building. Supporting frames are separate elements made of corrosion-resistant steel of 3 or 5 mm thickness. Linen chute trunk has limited number of sockets that are fastened with bolted joints.The length of the sockets depends on steel cutting and mounting technology. Linen chute trunks have intake hatches, which are made of a 1.5 mm thick high quality stainless steel of a well-known brand - AISI 321and are jointed with the chute through seam welding. When talking about the inner surface finishing of the linen chute, itshould be thoroughly cleaned, as the wholeness of the laundry directly depends on the latter. It is polished to a glass-like shine. Both the refuse chute and the linen chute have pipes connected by lugs, with a difference that for refuse chutes there are three lugs, while for linen chutes – 4. On each floor, an intake hatchis welded to the linen chute trunk. As a rule, the hatchway is 500-600mm wide; it is located at a height of 750 mm from the floor. Asthe door is opened totherightby 180°, construction is distinguished by its safety. The hatch door is hermetic, is equipped with a special lock and oftentimes with a rubber seal, although it is also possible to use a magnetic seal. The locking device can be automatic, which will increase staff safety.