The ecology of our country begins with our home.
Ecology of the house begins with a modern
garbage disposal, ventilation, water supply and sewage system
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Waste disposal system and linen chutes

мусоропровод-общий вид.jpeg The ecology of our country starts at home.
The ecology of our home starts at a modern refuse chute, ventilation, water supply and sewerage.

Waste disposal system and linen chutes

“Eco-Dom” is the only company in the Russian market working with almost the full spectrum of waste disposal system manufacturers.We carry out the design, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of any waste disposal system throughout the country. Purchase of a refuse chute from “Eco-Dom” means forgetting about any future trouble with exploitation ofthe system.

In the purchase process of waste disposal systems, preparation of the required documentation by a licensed company is critically important in line with the timely delivery, installation and commissioning of the system.

“Eco-Dom” provides the following services:

  • Design/engineering of waste disposal systems
  • Supply of equipment and spare parts for refuse chutes
  • Installation of waste disposal systems
  • Commissioning of installed systems
  • Repair and maintenance of refuse chutes
  • Supply and installation of temporary portable trunks for the disposal of construction waste

“Eco-Dom” offers turnkey installation and commissioning of refuse chutes. Our company has extensive experience in installation, setup and repair of waste disposal systems, and all works are performed according to the accepted standards and norms. We are licensed for all the works mentioned and allsupplied waste management equipment havecertificates of conformity. Last but not least, implemented works are documented according to current regulatory requirements