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Safety in working with linen chutes

Another difference betweenrefuse chutes and linen chutesis that the former use an intake valve with a bucket, which prevents access to the chute trunk. In case oflinen chutes, it is a door, which is lockable and serves as theintake gate of soiled laundry.As dimensions of the trunk and the door of a linen chute are quite large, the work of the maintenance staff can be extremely traumatic in case of simultaneous disposal of soiled laundry packs. Electric lock is a universal method of blocking the closure system. If at least one door is open, all others are locked automatically. Automatic light turns red when one door of the linen chute is open and turns green, when the doors are unlocked, which means that soiled laundry can be loaded.Although fire is less likelyin linen chutes, but there is also a water spraying sprinkler for elimination of the fire seat. Even if fire does occur, sprinkler head should be replaced after extinguishment of fire. As a rule, fire shutter is installed in the lower part of the linen chute trunk and it is usually open.In case of fire-hazardous situations in the laundry reception chamber, shutter cuts off the spread of fire and combustion along the trunk of the linen chute. When chamber temperature reaches 72 ° C, thermal lock made of a Wood alloy is activated.