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Refuse chute valve

“Eco-Dom” LLC supplies intake valves for all types of refuse chutes. They have the following advantages:

  • Impermeability - all seals are made of special magnetic materials.
  • Durability and modern design - ensured due to the use of special powder coating.
  • Polished steel lids and stainless steel bucket mounted in refuse chutes of high-comfort buildings.

Handle of the intakevalve bucket can be made of wood, aluminum alloy, molded plastic or hard rubber, at the request of the Customer (individual order).

The bucket is opened and closed with natural gravitational fixation in closed and open positions.

The bucket of the intakevalve, as well as other components and parts are interchangeable.

Intake valve junction with the chute trunk, as well as bucket junction method to the intake valve carcass provides smoke and gas impermeability in closed position.

Bucket capacity is 12 liters.

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