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Refuse chute cut-off shutter

The lower part of the refuse chutelinked to the collection chamber ends with a cut-off shutter.

Cut-off shutter - a security mechanism that allows closing the chute in case of works being performed in the waste collection chamber, or in case of fire.

In the working order, leaves of the cut-off shutterare open. In case of fire, they close automatically.

Cut-off shutters of all refuse chutes are prepared taking into account all the parameters of the building objects in question. The length of the offset connecting to the cut-off shutter depends on the size of the waste collection chamber. The offset can be either straight or inclined.

Refuse chute cut-off shutter is equipped with a mechanism of automatic leaf closing in case of fire in waste collection containers, which excludes the possibility ofsmoke seeping into the porch and fire spreading in the porch through refuse chute. 

All equipment is subject to mandatory certification.