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Refuse chute cleaning

Refuse chutes installed by “Eco-Dom” LLC areequippedwithdisinfectingandcleaningdevices. They comply with all the architectural-constructional, sanitary-hygienic and fire-preventing requirements for equipment of that kind.

Refuse chute cleaning device is equipped with a 220/380 volt AC powered electric motor.Drive control circuits are powered by a 24 volt undervoltage network.

Refuse chute flushing system ensures full flushing and disinfection of the chute trunk; cleans its inner surface. Cleaning mechanism is equipped with a device that automatically supplies water to the refuse chute and a signal to the dispatcher point, in case of fire in the trunk. As soon as fire is suppressed, water supply also stops automatically.

The device for cleaning, flushing and disinfection (hereinafter referred to as DCFD) is installed inthe chute trunk andis intended for periodic cleaning and disinfection of the inner case of the refuse chute. DCFD is hermetically protected from the chute trunk and is made correspondent to all fire safety conditions.

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DCFD application

The following requirements are applied to the DCFD:

  • a damper is installed between the load and the cable;
  • gate voltage of DCFD does not exceed 24 V(power circuit breaker is operated automatically);
  • there is no contact between the service staff and the moving parts of the cleaning device.

Isolation of electrical circuits withstands tests of 1 kw commercial-frequency AC voltage, without breakdown and overlap.

Theresistanceofearth circuits of any DCFD point relative to the carcass should not exceed 4 ohm.

  • wires are electrically spliced through soldering or pinching of brass (copper) lamellas-tips with sems, which are afterwards varnished.

DCWD has thefollowing characteristics:

  •  automatic cutout of the drive at the upper and lower position of the brush in the chute trunk. Brush-liftingmechanismdriveisworkingsmoothly without jamming, vibration, noise and crack;
  • automatic cutout of the drive during overload (light and sound signals are given);
  • continuous automatic mixing ofdisinfection solution with water during the entire process of cleaning and disinfection of the chute trunk, ensuring the required concentration of disinfecting solution;
  • permanently built-in alternative option of manual brush-lifting up to the upper position in case of power outage or electric motor breakage. In this case, the pressure on the handle of the manual drive is not more than 25n (2.5 kgf).
  • protection against penetration of disinfectant solution into the water supply system (in case of emergency failure of water supply in the house);
  • uniform rope winding on the drive drum;
  • automatic fire extinguishing at its occurrence in the trunk (with the help of a sprinkler).