The ecology of our country begins with our home.
Ecology of the house begins with a modern
garbage disposal, ventilation, water supply and sewage system


The design and construction of refuse chutes is regulated by the Code of rules of “Refuse chutes of residential and public buildings and structures”(СПЗ 1-108-2002). This document has federal status and has been approved by №148 Decree of the RF State Committee for Construction (RF SCC) – Gosstroy, since 29.10.02. It is regulated by the SUE Centre of Construction Design Products and its effect extends throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

The mentioned Code of rules contains all the basic requirements for the design and equipment of refuse chutes. Its provisions take into account modern requirements for waste disposal systems and rely on existing municipal waste removal systems.

All the work related to the design and installation of waste-bins of “Eco-Dom” LLC is carried out in accordance to the above mentioned Code of rules, Electrical Installation Rules, as well as technical and normative requirements.

Terms and definitions

мусор профиль 5 - копия 2_2 Refuse chute –an engineering-technical equipment set,designed to provide vertical transportation and temporary storage of various waste types: garbage, trash, municipal solid waste, etc., from the intake point to a collection point at the lower end of the chute.

Chute trunk–a device designed to ensure the safe transportation of any type of waste, including municipal solid waste,down to a waste collection chamber under the influence of gravity.

Intake valve - a device that performs the functions of loading waste into thecontainer, limits the amount of waste loaded at a time and calibrates it.

Cut-off shuttera doordesigned to block the lower end of the refuse chute in case of necessity to carry out works in the waste collection chamber.

Fire damper –a device that automatically separates refuse chute trunk from the waste collection chamber in case of fire in the latter.

Cleaning and disinfecting device – a special system intended for disinfection and cleaning of the inner case of the refuse chute and automatic fire extinguishing in case of fire inside the trunk.

Refuse chute ventilation - a constituent part of the refuse chute, located in its upper part and designed to organize ventilation of the waste collection chamber and refuse chute trunk.

Waste collection chamber a place where container(s) are placed for collection and temporary storage of municipal solid waste.

Container- a movable dumpster placed in the waste collection chamber and designed to receive municipal solid waste from the trunk, store it temporarily and transport it to a place of emptying into the waste truck.

Garbage trolley – a special trolley with a removable containerdesigned for collection and transportation ofmunicipal solid waste in the street.

Compactor - a device intended for compacting garbage and municipal solid waste during its reload from the chute to a container.

Speed dampener -a device reducing the falling speed of rubbish in the chute.

  1. Cut-off shutterwith a fire-damping system;
  2. Offset connecting to the cut-off shutter;
  3. Supporting frame;
  4. Intakevalve;
  5. Chute trunk;
  6. Connecting clamp;
  7. Unloading flange;
  8. Chute cleaning system;
  9. Ventilation damper;
  10. Ventilation tube;
  11. Case;
  12. Deflector apron;
  13. Deflector;
  14. Waste collection container.