The ecology of our country begins with our home.
Ecology of the house begins with a modern
garbage disposal, ventilation, water supply and sewage system

Linen chute

Linen chutes are designed for transporting soiled laundry to a laundry room or a specially designated laundry reception chamber. It is a method of periodic gravitational transportation of linen in various portions. It is well known in the West and is used in service-type and public-type buildings, such as hospitals, sanatoriums and hotels. When speaking about transportation of linen in multi-storey and high-rise buildings, linen chutes are the most efficient means of transportation. Previously, special freight elevators were built, but linen chutes remain much more convenient. Despite of the great opportunities in the capital of Russia, so far linen chutes have been installed in only a few hotels. As a rule, these are foreign models of German and English production. Nevertheless, two twenty-storeyed apartment blocks standing on Lesnaya and Suschevsky Val streets have got Russian models of linen chutes. It is worth paying attention to their structural features.