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Domestic and foreign practice of using linen chutes

In foreign countries, hotel businesses pay too much attention to the safety of both visitors and their staff. Therefore, a spring drive is oftentimes used for fire shutters. But there are more reliable options, since springs lose their functional characteristics over time due to tension.  The use load and counterbalance is an optimal solutionfor Russian hotels. Regarding linen chutes in hospitals, it is advisable to use special devices of inner surface disinfection. As a rule, linen chutes are installed in the technical part of public buildings, access to which is limited. Technical elevators are often used there and noise insulation of the linen chute does not play a primary role during its construction. Hence, gypsum slabs and lightweight foam blocks are used during construction of linen chutes. Linen chute chamber itself is equipped with a source of hot and cold water; it has a separate entrance with a closing door and firewalls with fire resistance of 1 hour.