The ecology of our country begins with our home.
Ecology of the house begins with a modern
garbage disposal, ventilation, water supply and sewage system


  • Fast order completion: All works on installation and commissioning of refuse chutes are carried out in the shortest possible time, immediately after receiving prepayment.
    Our motto is - “Quickly and efficiently!!!”. We carry out works in the shortest possible time.  
  • Convenient time for installation works: All installation works are carried out at the most convenient time for you. In case of cooperationwith us, you will not have any problems with other subcontractors. 
  • Convenient payment terms: The whole payment can be made immediately or in several advance payments. We always try to meet customers’ needs and are ready forphased prepayment of the work performed. 
  • Quality assurance of the works performed: We sign a contract with customers on the installation of a waste disposal system. Warranty terms and all conditions of works to be carried out are clearly defined in the contract. Malfunctions caused by our fault or by manufacturer’s fault are fixed at our expense. The only exceptions are cases of force majeure.
  • Service / maintenance:It is possible to get full maintenance of commissioned facility even after the warranty period. A contract should be signed on the maintenance and repair of the waste collection system. In case of any malfunctions, our specialist will visit you within 24 hours to fix them. 
  • Bonus system. We have a bonus system that offers certain discounts for repeated orders. We encourage our regular customers.